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Pat Hood


Prior to the move to Stevenson, Pat was the VP of Visual Merchandising and Store Design at the Bon Marche (now Macy's) headquartered in Seattle. She worked for the Bon Marche for 20 years, with increased job responsibilites leading to the VP position.  Responsibilities included design and merchandising direction for the division’s 45 stores, supervising the corporate visual merchandising staff, budget planning, specifying and purchasing, coordinating new store and renovation planning, design and execution. 


Pat studied fine arts with an emphasis on sculpture at Bowling Green State University and then the University of Oregon. It was in Eugene that she began working at the Bon in the display department. 


Over the course of these past two decades, art transitioned to design and she began to establish herself as a respected designer in the Stevenson community. Visit Pat's artist website at 

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