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Logos & Branding

Rock Cove Design has, again, been fortunate to help shape the brand of the community. It began when the City of Stevenson approached Pat and asked her to design the seasonal banners for the new light poles on the newly remodeled Second Street (Highway 14). When she realized that the logo element was missing, she insisted that the logo was the first step. In creating the logo, she shaped the City's brand (colors, icons, style). Note that most of our designs for the various area agencies compliment the brand by the use of color, materials and icons.

Another famous brand and logo for Rock Cove Design is Skamania County's West End Transit - WET Bus. It is a playful, self-effacing poke at ourselves; a challenge to take ourselves less seriously. Let's face it - we get some weather in the winter. But it is the water that shapes this place and our attitudes about it. When we smile at the WET bus, we smile with affection and appreciation, too. The recently designed schedule brochures and the Seasonal Bus signs all start with the brand. A second bus will receive a makeover and join the WET fleet soon.

When Rock Cove Design was asked to work on the "Courthouse Lawn" project, we suggested a new name: Park Plaza. We wanted to instill a trust with those that were skeptical of a "paved paradise". The logo incorporated the area's brand and the colors and icons represented flora, water and hard surface.

When a good friend asked us to help with her business' new brand, she already had the name: Math Sherpa and the tag: Making Sense of Math. The rest seemed to fall into place as we created an entire package of stationery, cards, and supplemental materials.

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