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Jeff Carlson


After earning his Bachelor of Music in Composition degree at the the University of Oregon, Jeff (like Pat) also began working in display at the Bon Marche (now Macy's) in Eugene. In fact, it was Pat who first hired him! He tried other career opportunities on occasion, but he always returned to the Bon. Jeff had been working in Human Resourses for ten years when the decision was made to leave Seattle in 1996. His supervisor asked if he would like to telecommute and of course he consented, and in so doing became the first 100% telecommuter in Federated Department Stores history. In 2008, Macy's closed the corporate offices in Seattle and Jeff began working out of the San Francisco office. In 2009, the offices in SF were also closed and Jeff ultimately lost his job of nearly 30 years.


He immediately began pursuing a career change, and the decision was made to go back to school. He graduated with honors in June 2011 from Portland Community College where he earned an Associate's degree in Architectural Design and Drafting. He also earned an NKBA Certificate in Kitchen & Bath. 

Trivia: Jeff composed/produced the music in all of the videos on this site (except the Google Earth video).

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