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Civic Architecture

We truly have been fortunate to work a few civic projects in the greater Stevenson area. Clients include The Stevenson Business Association, the City of Stevenson, the Port of Skamania, and Skamania County.

The most recent was the Stevenson Park Plaza Project for the Stevenson Business Association. Rock Cove Design was challenged to produce 3 design concepts for a gathering place in the center of downtown replacing the current sloping lawn in front of the Skamania County Courthouse. We worked with a design committee, assembled historic research about the site, gathered community input via public meetings and surveys, and hosted an open house presenting our final designs.

Another large project was producing a Wayfinding Master Plan for the City of Stevenson. Rock Cove Design - working with a design committee - produced  a 60 page Master Plan and designed nearly 100 wayfinding signs. Most of the vehicular directional signs are up, as are a couple of the pavement markers and amenities signs. A kiosk for East Point Park is currently (August 2016) is in production and should be up within a month.

Rock Cove Design - working with Tom Owens of Cascade Locks - designed a schematic master plan for the Port of Skamania's Waterfront. Included in the plan were a gateway from the City to the Waterfront (now installed), a major improvement for Stevenson Landing - the Pier - including signing (currently in final design stage), and pathway improvements between Bob's Beach and Levens Point.

Other projects have included Stevenson Google Earth's presence in 3D, Stevenson's bike racks, and the Dancing Jay footprints in Walnut Park.

Stevenson Park Plaza Video
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