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Our Services.

Park Plaza by Rock Cove Design
Civic Architecture

We have been fortunate to work on several projects in the Stevenson area: for the Port of Skamania on Destination Waterfront, and for the SBA on the Park Plaza and Google Earth Projects.

Stevenson Wayfinding by Rock Cove Design
Signing & Wayfinding

Stevenson's Wayfinding Masterplan was our first large project. We've also designed signs for Skamania County, the Port of Skamania, and the Port of Cascade Locks.

Logos & Branding

Stevenson is our home town.  We are locals and have a vested interest in our community. Rock Cove Design has been fortunate to help shape the graphic identity of Stevenson over the years.

Stevenson Logo by Rock Cove Design
WET Bus by Rock Cove Design
A&J Shopping Bag by Rock Cove Design
Graphic Design

Most of our projects have at least an element of graphic design involved. And many are combinations of design types. Projects include several years of the A&J Shopping Bags, The Skamania County Transit - WET Bus - schedules,  the Port of Skamania's presentation for their ALEA grant (shoreline restoration)... 

Architectural Design by Rock Cove Design
Architectural & Interior Design

Many of our projects incorporate at least a bit of architectural design (signing, the civic projects, etc). We also do residential design & drafting and as well as interior design.

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Park Plaza by Rock Cove Design


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